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Nature Therapy: May - October Yearly

Walk & Talk

“Clearly, nature calls to something very deep in us. Biophilia, the love of nature and living things, is an essential part of the human condition.”

-Oliver Sack


Nature is healing

All the benefits of connection, nature, and movement in a therapy session outside in one of Calgary's beautiful NW parks. These sessions are exactly what they sound like, a gentle walk in a natural space while connecting therapeutically.  We will decide together what NW park (Dale Hodges, Nose Hill, Silver Springs, Shouldice, Bowness) in our initial online session (this is mandatory to book a walk & talk).  


  • Physical movement can help facilitate the movement of emotions and thoughts.

  • Nature is stress-reducing, and promotes healing.

  • Talking while walking can feel more natural and gently process nervous system activation.

  • Eye contact is diminished while walking which can reduce anxiety for some client

  • Read more in my blog: Get Your Nature On

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