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Immerse yourself in a year of growth

This 2024, connect into a year of personal growth workshops inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  Follow the natural cycles of nature and learn about yourself by following the 8 spokes of the year which correspond to the solstices, equinoxes, and midpoints in between. Each workshop will feature a different theme (listed below!) that we will explore through guided visualizations, writing, and art activities. Join me on a year of personal exploration attuned with seasons. 

Imbolc - February: Shining Light on the Imposter!

Spring Equinox - March: Finding the Balance

Mayday - May: The Fires Within -  Relationship to Self

Summer Solstice - June: Your Personal Power

Harvest - August: Values and Seeds

Autumnal Equinox - September: Looking to Decay: Release

Samhain - October: Honouring Loss

Winter Equinox - December: Embracing the Shadow

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Making Paper Craft Art

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8 Offerings for 8 Spokes


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