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Hi! I'm Andrea. What would you like to know?  My credentials?  Absolutely! I have a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology and a Master of Counselling. I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a certified counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. I have specialized training in internal family systems, mindfulness, narrative, and expressive arts approaches to therapy and have a whole list of training under my belt.

I have a varied background, which means I have had a lot of experiences within psychology and outside of it. I believe this augments my therapeutic practice; I don't just talk the talk. I know what it means to parent, how difficult transitions can be, how scary vulnerability can be, and what it means to live in many complex intersections. I believe we all have the capacity for healing. I believe beauty is transformative.  I believe connection fuels us and that we all deserve to love and be loved. 

I believe you are more than your struggles. 

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My Story

Briefly, my pathway to counselling has been non-linear with stops between my undergraduate degree and my master's degree as a leader of a spiritual group, as a professional singer-writer, as an executive director of a wildlife rehabilitation center, and raising my four amazing children. At every step of the way, there have been elements of story-telling, meaning-making, and interpersonal connectivity. I bring all these experiences to my work as a counsellor integrating art, science, philosophy, and spirituality in a holistic blend that encompasses all the messy spaces we live in. This is our shared humanity.  This is the work.

Our pasts inform who we are now: They don't define the future  

My psychometrics?  Seems only fair!  I am a true-to-form introvert with an imaginative flair, a love of connection, and a proclivity toward deep thoughts (Myers--Briggs: INFJ). I cherish time with others (Love language: Quality Time) yet follow my own authentic path (Enneagram: Four). I value courage, connection, and engaging with new ideas which align with strengths of empathy, synthesizing ideas, and appreciating the beauty and wonder of the world around me. 

There are many beautiful ways of being in the world. 

My approach?  Ah, here is the meat!  I bring a holistic approach to my work with my clients. I want to know what moves you, what is important to you, and how we can mobilize your strengths to galvanize change.  I see counselling as a kind of wayfinding; discovering how you uniquely orient yourself in social, emotional, cultural, and physical environments and then using this internal compass to help you navigate those worlds. This approach draws from many disciplines including science, philosophy, art, and spirituality. Wayfinding together, we find new opportunities for healing, growth, and meaningful change.  

The world needs your unique gifts. 

Finally, all the beautiful complexities: I have had many roles in my life however none more difficult, meaningful, and precious than that of mother to my children, partner to my spouse, and caregiver to a menagerie of animals. I am fortunate to have all these intricate and tangled loves. 

Some of the trainings, workshops, and webinars I have attended recently: 

  • Small Talk - Centre for Suicide Prevention, Virtual training, 3 hours, 2024

  • Motivational Interviewing - Psychwire, Virtual training, Bill Miller, Theresa Moyers & Stephen Rollnick, 12 hours, 2024

  • ACT for Beginners - Psychwire, Virtual training, Russ Harris, 12 hours, 2024

  • River of Life: Promoting Life in Indigenous Young People - Centre for Suicide Prevention, 3.5 hours, 2024

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST 11) - Centre for Suicide Prevention, 14 hours ,2023

  • Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment - Therapy Wisdom, Virtual training, Janina Fischer, 11.5 hours, 2023

  • Little Cub: Promoting Life in Indigenous Children - Centre for Suicide Prevention, Priscilla Lalonde, Virtual training, 3.5 hours, 2023

  • Internal Family Systems Therapy: Step-by-Step Procedures for Healing Traumatic Wounds and Alleviating Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Addiction and More - Pesi, Virtual training, 6.25 hours, 2023

  • Trans-Affirming Network - Skipping Stone, 5 in-person hours, 2023

  • Bridging the Gap Virtual Summit - The Mental Health Academy, Virtual attendance, 10 hours, 2023

  • Suicide Prevention Summit - The Mental Health Academy, Virtual attendance, 13 hours, 2022

  • DBT Essentials Level 2 - The Association for Psychological Therapies, Virtual training, 2022

  • Trauma Informed Care - Alberta Health Services, Virtual attendance, 5.5 hours, 2022

  • Suicide Prevention Summit - The Mental Health Academy, Virtual attendance, 10 hours, 2021

  • Expressive Arts, Level 2 - Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts Therapy, 84 in-person hours, 2021

  • How to Work with the Brain and Body to Reverse the Effect of Trauma-Related Diagnoses/Presentations - Alberta Health Services, Dr. Ruth Lanius, Virtual training, 5.5 hours, 2022

  • Natural Supports Framework 1 and 2 - carya Society of Calgary,  2021

  • Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: Assessment & Risk Management  -  Calgary Counselling Center, 2021

  • Indigenous Canada - University of Alberta, Online content, 2021

  • Brain Story - Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, Online content, 2020

  • 4-day Narrative Therapy Intensive - Calgary Narrative Collective, David Epston, 24 in-person hours, 2020

  • Community Helpers Training - Canadian Mental Health Association, 10 in-person hours, 2019

  • Expressive Arts, Level 1 - Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts Therapy, 75 in-person hours, 2018


Get in Touch

I would love to get to know you! I invite you to connect with me and find out how we can engage in courageous collaborations that empower you.


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