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For All My Clients At The End of Therapy

Temperate pyramid at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton

This isn't goodbye

Goodbye is too harsh

The edge too sharp

Arbitrary, as though

One could know

All the pathways

Of the future.

The world isn't built this way

We cycle and circle

Into and around each other

The rules of practice

Built on the faulty assumption

That somehow we can control

All the someday circles

To which we will one day belong.

My heart can't hold

The number of goodbyes

I will have to face

Over and over opening relationships

Only to end them.

Instead I hold you within me

As changed by you

As I hope you have been

A beautiful seed

Blooming in the garden of my regard.

I imagine the day

In some unknown future

Where unexpectedly

I see you on an ordinary street

Laughing flowers

In a delight of beauty

I will see you, living

In all the ways we talked about

And so many more

I will see you, transported

So far past this one moment

To a beyond neither one of us could imagine

I will see you and know

That nothing ever really ends

Only changes and becomes

What is required

To grow the gardens of now.

So this isn't goodbye

It is a seed held within

A prayer of gratitude.

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